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Our Products & Solutions  is based on our vast experiences and knowledge are the foundations on which we have built our extensively diversified business portfolio,
covering a wide range of instruments and scientific equipment for both qualitative
and quantitative measurement ranging and control system from:

• Water and Oil Analytical
• Gas Measurement
• Flow Measurement
• Level Measurement

Sampler & Sampling System

Sound & Vibration Measurement
• Room/Building Conditioning
• Valves & Pneumatic Control Instruments
• Lab & Field Scientific Equipment

Our Activities is combine technically products and services from service force together with our principles supports to exploration through business in the field of instrumentation and control covers a diverse range of market sectors such as:

• Water & Wastewater Treatment
• Industrial Process & Automation
• Building Automation & HVAC
• Biogas
• Environmental Monitoring
• Academic & Research
• Forestry, Agriculture, Aquaculture
• Occupational Safety & Health

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